Custom Orders - November 15th (current season potted vines or following season dormant delivery)

Difficult Rootstocks (039-16, 420A, GRN1-4, etc.) - January 1st (current season potted vines or following season dormant delivery)


Grafting - May 1st
Planting - May 31st


To determine how many plants per acre will be needed, select the spacing between each vine and each row.

Plants per acre: 4840

Dormant vines are shipped directly to the customer from cold storage unless the customer requests acclimation. Please plan your shipping and planting accordingly. Rushing to plant vines without acclimation can cause higher than normal losses. Once vines are received, keep them in a shaded area in the packaging in which they were shipped until ready to plant so they do not dry out. If taking delivery of multiple boxes that are palletized, it is recommended that the boxes be removed from the pallet in a single layer on the ground for even acclimation. If the weather forecast is calling for hot, dry weather, it is better to leave the vines boxed up in a shaded area and hold off on planting until there is a break in the weather. A fold top carton is recommended for all vineyard plantings. This should be completed as vines are planted or not more than a few hours after planting as damage can occur very quickly to exposed vines. Please follow all planting instructions that are printed on the box, failure to do so may void warranty.


In order to properly acclimate dormant vines, they should be kept moist (not wet) in the packaging they are received and stored in a shaded area. Acclimation time should be increased for plantings as season progresses:

Jan 1st - Feb 15th, No Acclimation Necessary
February 16th - 28th, 3 Days
March 1st - 15th, 5 Days
March 16th - 31st, 7 Days
April 1st - 30th, 10 Days
May 1st - 31st, 14 Days
June 1st - After, 14 Days Plus Rehydrate Vines Before Planting


In a successful planting, 98-100% of the vines grow. Very seldom is a 100% stand achieved, but below 98% is considered somewhat of a failure. Once the vines have been delivered to your vineyard site, it is essential that they are handled properly, the correct planting procedures are followed, and that planted vines are properly cared for in the field.


Wonderful Nurseries prides ourselves in the wide variety of quality rootstocks that we make available to our grower partners. These include numerous choices for vigor, soil preference, drought tolerance and more. Our team of professionals will be happy to discuss your specific needs so you can choose the correct rootstock for your unique site and growing conditions.