Offering one of North America’s largest selections of wine grape vines, Wonderful Nurseries pays meticulous attention to providing the industry’s most tested products. We have and continue to develop new mother blocks with 2010 Protocol Material from Foundation Plant Services (FPS) UC Davis, the industry standard for excellence. Included is a new ENTAV-INRA mother block on a 40-acre site at our Wasco facility which is isolated from other production vineyards. 100% testing of our scion mother blocks annually for a wide panel of viruses provides yet another layer of protection.


Wonderful Nurseries is recognized as the largest and most respected table grape vine supplier, offering varietals from the USDA, California Table Grape Commission, ARRA, Sheehan Genetics and more. We have the capacity to fill virtually any request, with processes and facilities that promote higher quality in every step of the way. We support breeding programs targeting excellent flavor, beautiful color, good sugar levels, solid production and less labor and production costs.


Wonderful Nurseries works closely with our sister company, Wonderful Pistachio & Almonds to offer Pistachio Purchase Agreements to clients planting our trees. Whether you are purchasing our Wonderful Pistachio Rootstock™ (WPR) or standard UCB1 rootstock from seed, we have a home for your product. We will connect you with the proper Grower Representative to start the process upon placing your order.