Our Dormant vines are field grown for 1 season then harvested in the winter. Vines are graded, trimmed, bundled, hot water dipped and cold stored through June of the contracted delivery year at no additional cost. This product is best suited for planting January through May depending on location. 

Order Deadline
Dormant Benchgrafts & Rootings - April 1st (following season delivery)


Potted vines are grafted and grown in the greenhouse and allow growers an exact combination with a 14-16 week turnaround time from graft to delivery. These plants are grown in a 3” x 3” x 8” pot to allow for maximum root formation. This product is a great choice for vineyards that need to be planted in the same year the order is placed. The optimum time for planting these vines is May through the fall depending on location.

Order Deadline
Potted Benchgrafts & Rootings - April 1st (Current season delivery)


Flexibility is the key, enabling you to graft over an existing field or onto previously planted dormant rootstock rootings.

Order Deadline
Scion & Rootstock Cuttings - Based on availability


Our medium and tall dormant vines are ready for the training wire. These products reduce the need for multiple training passes & extra time tying to the stake. Because these vines are more mature, they possess a hardier root system and the time to fruit production is reduced. Medium and tall vines work well as replants, too, as they do not get shaded out by older adjacent vines. These vines are offered in both a dormant & potted form.

Order Deadline
Medium & Tall Vines - January 1st (current season potted vines or following season dormant delivery)


Our Wonderful Pistachio Rootstock™ Trees reflect 20+ years of meticulous research and development into promising selections of UCB1 rootstock. They are produced with the same focus and quality management as our acclaimed vines. Wonderful Orchards has designated 17,000 acres for planting through 2019, with the expectation that our rootstock can yield more pistachios per acre than any other rootstock on the market.

Order Deadline
Pistachio Trees – October 1st & May 1st (For delivery 18 months later)


Wonderful Nurseries carries a 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” x 20” or 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” x 24” drop-on, fold top vine/tree shelter. Additional sizes are also available for custom applications. These vine/tree shelters maximize vine survivability during the first 12 months by protecting young vines from rodents, rabbits, and deer; blocking herbicide drift and chemical sprays; suppressing lateral growth and creating a beneficial micro-climate inside the shelter.

Order Deadline
This product is available year around.