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Quality, Service & Selection


Quality is the essence of what makes Wonderful Nurseries so distinctive. We have created numerous quality control programs to protect our natural rooted vines, dormant field grown rootstock, custom grown dormants and other product from pests and pathogens. And we have established some of the youngest mother blocks in the industry. Our plant materials are grown in accordance to the California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program, administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. In addition, ongoing maintenance, inspection and testing programs ensure that our products meet and even exceed the industry's highest standards.


Service has been ingrained into Wonderful Nurseries' operational philosophy since the very first day. Every person on our staff brings unique talents and skills to the table, and we are always eager to share that knowledge with our valued customers. Our professionals have years of education and experience that we rely on to deliver topnotch results. We believe in highly personalized service that emphasizes quick response and lasting solutions. It is our pleasure to serve you, and we encourage you to seek us out with any questions you may have.


Selection is something that our customers have come to truly appreciate over the years. We pride ourselves in offering a tremendous variety of product to meet the needs of a dramatically expanding industry. As one of the world's largest producers of grapevine nursery products as well as one of the most respected growers in the industry, Wonderful Nurseries strives to meet your requirements for both product type and delivery time. We invite you to review our wide range of offerings and to let us know if you have any special requests.


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