Custom Orders


Custom orders are always welcomed.  Minimum 500 finished plants.  Call 661-758-4777 for current availabilities.

Dormant Benchgrafts and Rootings

Dormant Benchgraft

Our benchgrafted vines are trimmed and ready to be shipped or cold stored until requested for planting.

Grafted Greenvines

Grafted greenvines in greenhouse

Greenvines growing strong in one of our many greenhouses.

Scion & Rootstock Cuttings

Scion & Rootstock Cuttings

Aside from taking cutting for our own production we also sell rootstock and scion cuttings of all popular varieties.

Vine Shelters

Vine Shelter

Wonderful Nurseries vine Shelters are 20" tall in a triangular shape, they fold in at the top for added protections.  These durable poly-coated shelters will last between 6 months to 18 months depending upon weather conditions.

Table/Raisin Grapes

table grapes

We provide all major table grape varieties including Valley Pearl and the California Table Grape Commission licensed varieties Autumn King and Scarlett Royal.  Click here for current availabilities or contact your sales rep.

Please see the resource page for approximate table grape ripening dates or click here.

P.O. Box 279, Wasco, CA 93280 - 661-758-4777

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