2019 Dormant Vines

The following list is updated on a regular basis. However, please call 661-758-4777 or email your sales representative before ordering as numbers change daily.

53,017101-14.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
284,0981103P Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
229,4361103P.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
26,167110R Cert Rootstock Dormant
711140R Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
10,416140R.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
19,78216-16.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
23,994420A Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
1,436420A.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
11,0315BB Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
549Aglianico 05.1/101-14 Dormant
1,860Aglianico 05.1/1103P.1 Dormant
8,106Alicante Bouschet 02 Cert/SO4 Dormant
5,366Alvarinho 01 Cert/SO4 Dormant
2,432ARRA 30 NC Own Root Dormant
5,526ARRA 32 NC/SO4 Dormant
39,725Autumn King 01 (C10) PP16,284 Cert/Freedom Dormant
31,974Autumn King 01 (C10) PP16,284 Cert/Freedom Dormant
6,076Autumn Royal 01 NC/Freedom Dormant
451Barbera 04 Cert/101-14 Dormant
65,793Barbera 05 NC/Freedom Dormant
742Barbera 05 NC/Freedom Dormant
3,418Barbera 06 Cert/140R Dormant
7,220Barbera 06.1/101-14 Dormant
718Barbera 06.1/101-14.1 Dormant
8,348Black Spanish 01.1/3309C.1 Dormant
647Blanc Du Bois 01.1/3309C Dormant
8,217Blanc Du Bois 01.1/3309C.1 Dormant
1,172Cab Franc 04.1/3309C.1 Dormant
3,424Cab Franc 12 Cert/101-14 Dormant
5,129Cab Franc 13 Cert/140R Dormant
5,596Cab Franc 13.1/101-14.1 Dormant
7,297Cab Franc 13.1/3309C.1 Dormant
7,740Cab Franc 214 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
2,200Cab Franc 327 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
4,037Cab Franc 623 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
16,714Cab Sauv 04.1/101-14 Dormant
3,162Cab Sauv 04.1/1103P Dormant
3,036Cab Sauv 04.1/140R.1 Dormant
15,784Cab Sauv 04.1/3309C Dormant
13,211Cab Sauv 04.1/420A.1 Dormant
984Cab Sauv 07 Cert/101-14 Dormant
3,526Cab Sauv 07 Cert/1103P Dormant
9,920Cab Sauv 07.1/1103P Dormant
32,509Cab Sauv 07.1/1103P.1 Dormant
2,568Cab Sauv 07.1/140R Dormant
21,737Cab Sauv 08.1/101-14.1 Dormant
58,852Cab Sauv 08.1/1103P Dormant
2,737Cab Sauv 29.1/1103P Dormant
10,503Cab Sauv 33 Cert/101-14 Dormant
5,254Cab Sauv 33 Cert/1103P Dormant
6,369Cab Sauv 33 Cert/140R Dormant
2,248Cab Sauv 33 Cert/3309C Dormant
3,447Cab Sauv 338 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
718Cab Sauv 35 Cert/140R Dormant
9,782Cab Sauv 35 Cert/SO4 Dormant
7,385Cab Sauv 43 Cert/140R Dormant
16,476Cab Sauv 43 Cert/5BB Dormant
4,259Cab Sauv 43 Cert/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
10,765Cab Sauv 43 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,000Cab Sauv 47 Cert/101-14 Dormant
1,822Cab Sauv 47 Cert/110R Dormant
5,246Cab Sauv 47 Cert/3309C Dormant
14,838Cab Sauv 47.1/101-14.1 Dormant
77,968Cab Sauv 47.1/1103P Dormant
148,877Cab Sauv 47.1/110R Dormant
21,401Cab Sauv 47.1/420A.1 Dormant
1,131Cab Sauv 47.1/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
9,496Cab Sauv 47.1/SO4.1 Dormant
4,153Cab Sauv 685 ENTAV-INRA/101-14Dormant
8,359Carignane 10.1/SO4.1 Dormant
7,364Carmenere 03 Cert/101-14 Dormant
750Chambourcin 01 NC/101-14 Dormant
39,981Chardonnay 04 NC/101-14 Dormant
4,055Chardonnay 04 NC/1103P Dormant
4,734Chardonnay 04 NC/16-16 Dormant
15,512Chardonnay 04 NC/3309C Dormant
20,687Chardonnay 04 NC/Freedom Dormant
6,381Chardonnay 04 NC/Freedom Dormant
3,400Chardonnay 04 NC/SO4 Dormant
7,345Chardonnay 100 Cert/140R Dormant
7,913Chardonnay 100.1/1103P Dormant
6,246Chardonnay 100.1/SO4.1 Dormant
1,432Chardonnay 1066 ENTAV-INRA/101-14.1 Dormant
489Chardonnay 1066 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
1,762Chardonnay 112.1/3309C.1 Dormant
8,474Chardonnay 67.1/101-14 Dormant
5,431Chardonnay 67.1/140R Dormant
1,504Chardonnay 69.1/101-14 Dormant
3,484Chardonnay 69.1/1103P Dormant
3,000Chardonnay 70 Cert/101-14 Dormant
4,189Chardonnay 70 Cert/101-14.1 Dormant
14,098Chardonnay 70 Cert/110R.1 Dormant
5,071Chardonnay 70 Cert/GRN-2 Dormant
9,609Chardonnay 70 Cert/GRN-4 Dormant
4,669Chardonnay 70 NC/140R Dormant
4,167Chardonnay 70 NC/SO4 Dormant
17,830Chardonnay 72 (Wente) Cert/1103P Dormant
525Chardonnay 72 (Wente) Cert/3309C Dormant
1,587Chardonnay 76 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
722Chardonnay 76 ENTAV-INRA/3309CDormant
748Chardonnay 76.1 ENTAV-INRA/101-14.1 Dormant
8,502Chardonnay 79 (Musque) Cert/SO4 Dormant
8,373Chardonnay 79.1 (Musque)/SO4.1 Dormant
4,455Chardonnay 98 Cert/SO4 Dormant
5,056Chardonnay 99 Cert/101-14 Dormant
8,352Chenin Blanc 01 Cert/Freedom Dormant
6,829Chenin Blanc 982 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
8,353Chenin Blanc 982 ENTAV-INRA/140R Dormant
5,962Cinsaut 02.1/101-14 Dormant
7,166Cinsaut 92 ENTAV-INRA/140R Dormant
1,865Colombard 01 Cert/Freedom.1 Dormant
2,952Concord 07 Cert Own Root Dormant
3,510Counoise 01.1/140R Dormant
18,213Crimson Seedless 01 Cert Own Root Dormant
4,117Crimson Seedless 01.1/Freedom Dormant
8,153Durif 01 (P. Sirah) Cert/101-14 Dormant
15,357Durif 01 (P. Sirah) Cert/1103P Dormant
12,595Durif 01 (P. Sirah) Cert/5BB Dormant
2,222Durif 01 (P. Sirah) Cert/Freedom Dormant
849Durif 03 (P. Sirah) Cert/1103P Dormant
9,043Durif 05.1 (P. Sirah)/101-14.1Dormant
578Durif 05.1 (P. Sirah)/1103P Dormant
7,445Durif 05.1 (P. Sirah)/140R Dormant
683Durif 05.1 (P. Sirah)/5BB Dormant
1,884Durif 05.1 (P. Sirah)/5BB.1 Dormant
55,163Early Sweet 01 NC/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
11,782Fiesta 01 Cert/Freedom Dormant
779Fiesta 01 NC/Freedom Dormant
10,303Fiesta 01 NC/Freedom NC Dormant
24,775Fiesta 01 NC/Salt Creek Dormant
42,605Flame Seedless 01 NC Own Root Dormant
5,855Flame Seedless 01 NC/Freedom Dormant
17,787Flame Seedless 01 NC/Harmony Dormant
5,021Flame Seedless 01 NC/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
485,345Freedom Rootstock Rooting Dormant
226,412Freedom.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
3,943Gamay Noir 06.1/3309C.1 Dormant
1,643Gamay Noir 358 ENTAV-INRA/3309C.1 Dormant
18,718Garnacha Tinta 01 (52) Cert/1103P Dormant
2,032Garnacha Tinta 01 (52) Cert/3309C Dormant
985Garnacha Tinta 01 (52) Cert/5BB.1 Dormant
18,104Garnacha Tinta 05.1/1103P Dormant
5,443Gewurztraminer 11.1/101-14 Dormant
8,125Gewurztraminer 12 Cert/3309C Dormant
8,645Gewurztraminer 23.1/SO4.1 Dormant
5,221Grenache 224 ENTAV-INRA/Freedom Dormant
2,418Grenache 515 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
9,968Grenache 515 ENTAV-INRA/140R Dormant
8,448Gruner Veltliner 01 NC/3309C Dormant
6,668Gruner Veltliner 03.1/101-14 Dormant
31,687Harmony Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
47,149Harmony.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
401Kingfisher.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
683Limberger 01.1/101-14 Dormant
1,755Malbec 09 NC/140R Dormant
400Malbec 09.1/101-14 Dormant
492Malbec 09.1/101-14.1 Dormant
3,589Malbec 10 Cert/5BB Dormant
4,000Malbec 12.1/3309C.1 Dormant
5,912Malbec 12.1/5BB Dormant
1,918Malvasia Bianca 03.1/1103P. Dormant
7,788Marsanne 04.1/101-14 Dormant
5,472Marsanne 04.1/SO4.1 Dormant
8,000Mencia 02 Cert/SO4 Dormant
7,469Merlot 03 Cert/SO4 Dormant
617Merlot 15 NC/101-14 Dormant
4,248Merlot 15.1/101-14.1 Dormant
4,000Merlot 181 ENTAV-INRA/101-14.1 Dormant
581Merlot 181 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
3,182Merlot 20.1/101-14.1 Dormant
4,787Merlot 20.1/3309.1 Dormant
2,390Merlot 26.1/101-14 Dormant
12,412Merlot 26.1/101-14.1 Dormant
2,677Merlot 314 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
3,239Merlot 346 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
7,158Merlot 35.1/SO4.1 Dormant
3,610Merlot 36.1/101-14.1 Dormant
453Minotaur.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
7,529Montepulciano 03.1/101-14 Dormant
997Morrastel 03 (Graciano) Cert/1103P.1 Dormant
7,241Morrastel 03 (Graciano) Cert/St. George Dormant
2,947Mourvdre 09.1/5BB.1 Dormant
1,857Mourvedre 02.1/SO4.1 Dormant
6,891Mourvedre 1069 ENTAV-INRA/St. George Dormant
8,429Mourvedre 450 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
1,429Mourvedre 450 ENTAV-INRA/140R Dormant
8,113Mourvedre 450 ENTAV-INRA/St. George Dormant
692Mouvedre 369 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
20,192Muscat Blanc 01 NC/1103P Dormant
26,174Muscat Blanc 01 NC/Freedom Dormant
14,975Muscat Blanc 01 NC/Freedom Dormant
1,736Muscat Blanc 06.1/SO4.1 Dormant
1,390Muscat Hamburg 03 Cert/Freedom Dormant
8,591Muscat Ottonel 04 Cert/3309C Dormant
5,540Nebbiolo 08 (230) Cert/101-14 Dormant
4,860Nebbiolo 10 (Lampia) Cert/101-14 Dormant
8,480Nebbiolo 10 (Lampia) Cert/3309C Dormant
8,829Negro Amaro 02.1/101-14 Dormant
9,123Negro Amaro 02.1/SO4.1 Dormant
8,292Nero d'Avola 02 Cert/101-14 Dormant
7,986Nero d'Avola 02 Cert/SO4 Dormant
9,483Petit Manseng 01 NC/101-14 Dormant
642Petit Manseng 573 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
4,753Petit Manseng 573 ENTAV-INRA/101-14.1 Dormant
2,531Petit Verdot 02 NC/SO4 Dormant
914Petit Verdot 1058 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
1,083Petit Verdot 1058 ENTAV-INRA/Riparia Gloire Dormant
827Pinot Blanc 07 Cert/3309 Dormant
4,953Pinot Blanc 09.1/101-14Dormant
5,080Pinot Blanc 09.1/3309C.1 Dormant
4,918Pinot Gris 04 Cert/101-14 Dormant
1,085Pinot Gris 04 Cert/140R Dormant
29,695Pinot Gris 04 Cert/Freedom Dormant
34,967Pinot Gris 04.1/1103P Dormant
566Pinot Gris 04.1/3309C.1 Dormant
6,436Pinot Gris 09 Cert/SO4 Dormant
5,120Pinot Gris 12.1/101-14 Dormant
7,861Pinot Meunier 05 Cert/101-14 Dormant
6,483Pinot Noir 02A.1/101-14.1 Dormant
900Pinot Noir 02A.1/1103P.1 Dormant
8,287Pinot Noir 122 (Vosne Romanee)Cert/101-14 Dormant
28,464Pinot Noir 123 (Mariafeld 23) NC/1103P Dormant
3,438Pinot Noir 123 (Mariafeld 23) NC/SO4 Dormant
5,451Pinot Noir 23 (Mariafeld) NC/SO4 Dormant
1,106Pinot Noir 667 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
1,029Pinot Noir 667.1 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
1,056Pinot Noir 71 Cert/101-14 Dormant
7,548Pinot Noir 71 Cert/3309C Dormant
4,270Pinot Noir 72 Cert/101-14 Dormant
1,235Pinot Noir 72 Cert/1103P Dormant
888Pinot Noir 72 Cert/3309C Dormant
8,654Pinot Noir 72 Cert/5C Dormant
10,993Pinot Noir 73 Cert/101-14 Dormant
34,700Pinot Noir 73 Cert/1103P Dormant
7,132Pinot Noir 73.1/SO4.1 Dormant
59,564Pinot Noir 91 (Pom 4) NC/1103P Dormant
5,869Pinot Noir 91 (Pom 4) NC/SO4 Dormant
974Pinot Noir 943 ENTAV-INRA/3309C Dormant
1,214Pinot Noir 96.1 (Calera)/3309C Dormant
697Pinot Noir 96.1 (Calera)/420A Dormant
9,138Pinot Noir 97 (Swan) Cert/420A.1 Dormant
8,416Pinot Noir 97 Cert/3309C Dorm ant
2,738Pinotage 01 Cert/101-14 Dormant
7,754Primitivo 03 Cert/5BB Dormant
1,100Primitivo 03 Cert/Freedom Dormant
646Primitivo 03 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,232Primitivo 03.1/1103P Dormant
11,563Primitivo 03.1/St. George Dormant
6,815Riesling 12 (90) Cert/101-14 Dormant
6,698Riesling 17 (198) Cert/3309C Dormant
6,122Riesling 20.1/101-14 Dormant
7,345Riesling 21 (356) Cert/3309C Next Gen Dormant
6,039Riesling 23 (239) Cert/3309C Dormant
7,190Riesling 24.1/101-14 Dormant
1,244Riesling 49 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
8,016Rousanne 02 Cert/101-14 Dormant
6,582Rousanne 02 Cert/SO4 Dormant
2,865Roussanne 468 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
480RS-3 Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
8,619Rubired 02 Cert/Freedom Dormant
747Saint Macaire 03 NC/110R Dormant
49,463Salt Creek Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
103,319Salt Creek.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
545Sangiovese 06 Cert/1103P Dormant
571Sangiovese 12 Cert/SO4 Dormant
7,949Sangiovese 19.1/101-14 Dormant
3,925Sangiovese 20.1/101-14 Dormant
2,802Sangiovese 23 Cert/140R Dormant
2,186Sangiovese 23 Cert/5BB Dormant
1,039Sauvignon Blanc 01 Cert/101-14 Next Gen Dormant
6,909Sauvignon Blanc 01 Cert/Freedom Dormant
4,789Sauvignon Blanc 01 NC/1103P Dormant
25,803Sauvignon Blanc 01 NC/1103P Dormant
12,896Sauvignon Blanc 01 NC/110R Dormant
3,040Sauvignon Blanc 01 NC/140R Dormant
808Sauvignon Blanc 14 Cert/1103P Dormant
7,987Sauvignon Blanc 14 Cert/3309C.1 Dormant
8,237Sauvignon Blanc 18 Cert/101-14 Dormant
2,508Sauvignon Blanc 20 Cert/SO4 Dormant
660Sauvignon Blanc 21 Cert/SO4 Dormant
3,518Sauvignon Blanc 30 (Musque) Cert/SO4 Dormant
8,711Sauvignon Blanc 376 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
12,925Sauvignon Blanc 376 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
1,636Sauvignon Blanc 530.1 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
7,261Sauvignon Blanc 906 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
6,521Sauvignon Blanc 906 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
6,877Sauvignon Blanc 906.1 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
863Scarlet Royal 01 (B1) PP16,229 Cert/Freedom Dormant
10,778Scarlet Royal 01 (B1) PP16,229 Cert/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
11,375Scarlet Royal 01.1 (B1) PP16,229/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
406Selma Pete 01 NC/Harmony Dormant
408Selma Pete NC/Freedom Dormant
975Semillon 12.1/101-14 Dormant
1,239Semillon 12.1/1103P Dormant
4,564Sheegene 12 (Krissy) Own Root Dormant
80,580Sheegene 12 (Krissy)/Freedom Dormant
3,270Sheegene 12 (Krissy)/Freedom Dormant
1,378Sheegene 12 (Krissy)/GRN-3 Dormant
12,167Sheegene 12 (Krissy)/Salt Creek.1 Dormant
8,104Sheegene 13 (Timco)/Freedom Dormant
32,017Sheegene 13 (Timco)/Freedom.1 Dormant
4,674Sheegene 13 (Timco)/Salt Creek Dormant
19,742Sheegene 17 (Great Green)/Freedom Dormant
125,352Sheegene 17 (Great Green)/Freedom Dormant
19,050Sheegene 2 (Timpson)/Freedom Dormant
341,405Sheegene 20 (Allison)/Freedom Dormant
6,949Sheegene 20 (Allison)/Freedom Dormant
121,244Sheegene 20 (Allison)/Harmony Dormant
15,678Sheegene 20 (Allison)/Salt Creek Dormant
10,709Sheegene 21 (Ivory)/Freedom Dormant
2,756Sheegene 21 (Ivory)/Freedom Dormant
1,353Sheegene 21 (Ivory)/GRN-3 Dormant
1,959Sheegene 3 (Magenta)/GRN-3 Dormant
730Shiraz 01 Cert/1103P.1 Dormant
3,000SO4.1 Rootstock Rooting Dormant
33,107St. George Cert Rootstock Rooting Dormant
1,070Symphony 03 Cert Own Root Dormant
7,637Symphony 03.1/SO4.1 Dormant
1,292Syrah 05.1/1103.1 Dormant
4,808Syrah 07 Cert/1103P Dormant
630Syrah 07.1/1103P Dormant
5,692Syrah 07.1/SO4.1 Dormant
3,840Syrah 08.1/Freedom.1 Dormant
2,797Syrah 09 (Espiguette) Cert/101-14 Next Gen Dormant
427Syrah 471 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
508Syrah 471 ENTAV-INRA/420A.1 Dormant
1,145Syrah 471 ENTAV-INRA/SO4 Dormant
1,333Syrah 877 ENTAV-INRA/1103P Dormant
1,739Syrah 877 ENTAV-INRA/140R Dormant
1,644Tempranillo 02.1/1103P Dormant
1,285Tempranillo 11 (292) Cert/1103P Dormant
6,670Tempranillo 11.1 (292)/5BB.1 Dormant
1,309Tempranillo 12.1 (Duero)/1103P Dormant
8,965Tempranillo 16.1/1103P Dormant
7,689Tempranillo 16.1/5BB.1 Dormant
2,535Tempranillo 770 ENTAV-INRA/SO4 Dormant
8,658Tempranillo 770 ENTAV-INRA/St. George Dormant
1,903Tempranillo 770.1 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
8,344Teroldego 02 NC/101-14 Dormant
5,444Teroldego 02 NC/5BB Dormant
2,396Thompson Seedless 2A NC Own Root Dormant
8,977Touriga Nacional 05.1/101-14 Dormant
401Touriga Nacional 05.1/1103PDormant
30,620Valley Pearl 01 Cert PP23,422 P2/Freedom Dormant
7,616Valley Pearl 01.1 Own Root Dormant
2,971Verdelho 02.1/Freedom.1 Dormant
8,368Verdelho 06.1/101-14 Dormant
6,114Vermentino 01.1/101-14 Dormant
4,577Vermentino 01.1/1103P Dormant
10,828Vidal Blanc 01.1/101-14 Dormant
2,769Viognier 01 Cert/101-14 Dormant
712Viognier 01 Cert/140R Dormant
8,535Viognier 02 Cert/3309C Dormant
4,576Viognier 05.1/1103P Dormant
15,332Viognier 05.1/SO4.1 Dormant
4,029Viognier 642 ENTAV-INRA/101-14 Dormant
13,114Viognier 642 ENTAV-INRA/101-14.1 Dormant
5,671Zinfandel 06.1/101-14 Dormant
4,275Zinfandel 09 Cert/St. George Dormant
6,030Zinfandel 09.1/140R.1 Dormant
748Zinfandel 10 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,322Zinfandel 11 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,059Zinfandel 14 Cert/St. George Dormant
7,474Zinfandel 17.1/St. George Dormant
9,213Zinfandel 18.1/SO4.1 Dormant
822Zinfandel 19 Cert/St. George Dormant
2,057Zinfandel 19.1/1103P Dormant
5,591Zinfandel 19.1/140R.1 Dormant
430Zinfandel 21 Cert/St. George Dormant
412Zinfandel 22 Cert/St. George Dormant
969Zinfandel 23 Cert/St. Geroge Dormant
735Zinfandel 26 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,462Zinfandel 27 Cert/St. George Dormant
1,175Zinfandel 28 Cert/St. George Dormant

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